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Smart Member™ has a suite of features that is designed to help entrepreneurs focus on making money, not wasting time.

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Our Pillars of Success

We built Smart Member™ with three main goals in mind.

Goal 1
To help entrepreneurs create a higher-converting lead magnet to build a massive email list.
Goal 2
To give entrepreneurs multiple ways to monetize members, and reimburse their cost per lead.
Goal 3
To create a beginner-friendly platform where users of all skill levels can create epic courses.
Who is Smart Member™ for?

The Ultimate Platform for Entrepreneurs that want to Build Niche Communities

For You, The Entrepreneur

  • Become the Curator, not the Creator
    Smart Member™ allows you to curate other people's content (OPC) and embed their videos into your community site. This allows you to instantly build a site in any niche you want, without having to be the expert yourself, or spend thousands of dollars filming, editing, and producing content on your own.
  • Monetize Members in Multiple Ways
    Traditionally entrepreneurs just build a list and email that list various offers from time to time. It's ineffective. With Smart Member™ you'll have multiple ways to profit from your audience including affiliate offers, banner ads, email blasts, autoresponder messages, in-course upgrades, & more!
  • No Need to Hire Any Programmers
    Smart Member™ is so simple to use and set up that you won't need to hire any software developers or programmers, while you enjoy the benefits of adding content and building pages without using any code at all! Our proprietary system allows you to create your sites with the click of a mouse and a few forms to fill out, and everything else is done for you!
  • Build Multiple Sites in Multiple Niches
    Smart Member™ allows you to build multiple sites within your account, giving you the freedom and flexibility to target  different niches and build thriving communities in each of them. This also allows you to promote a wider range of affiliate offers, and position yourself as the expert curator and community thought leader in multiple industries!
  • Instant Video Importing Tools
    The Smart Member™ extension is a tool that will instantly embed video playlists from YouTube directly into your membership sites, while properly giving attribution to the original creators of the content. This tool will allow you to build membership sites in minutes, with hundreds of videos, organized in a way that benefits your communities!
  • State of the Art Support
    Smart Member™ is here to help you every step of the way. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. As you have questions with the platform, or feature requests, or want to report bugs, we are here to serve you and create the best possible experience for you as a Smart Member™ Admin!

For Them, Your Audience

  • Single Sign-On For Multiple Membership Sites
    When your audience joins your Smart Member™ site, they will create a single sign-in that allows them to join multiple sites that you create, without having to create new accounts each time. Their sites are organized in a convenient way for them to access at any time, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.
  • Accessible on Multiple Devices
    Smart Member™ sites are fully optimized to be viewable on multiple devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and can even be displayed on television sets.
  • Course Completion & Gamification
    As your audience goes through your content, they will be able to mark lessons as completed and work through the stages of completing your entire course. We will continue to add aspects that gamify their experience and make your course as "sticky" as possible so that they want to continue coming back and logging in every single day for their education.
  • Fast Loading Speeds
    Smart Member™ operates on a very fast dedicated server that allows for extremely quick loading times on pages, which is a huge benefit to your audience because they will be able to quickly navigate through hundreds of pages of content without feeling bogged down by slow loading times.
  • Community Engagement Features
    Your community will have multiple ways to engage with each other, as well as with you as the admin of the site. Under each lesson is the opportunity to leave comments, reply to other members, and to leave feedback on each of your lessons.
  • Consistent Member Improvements & Features Added
    We have a long list of amazing features that we will be rolling out to all members, giving them even more ways to benefit from being a member of your courses, including the ability to take notes on lessons, store those notes for future reference, and having access to new features once they are tested. Our goal is to give members the best possible experience and automating as much of it as possible so that you can focus on what you are great at - curating membership sites!

How it Works

Get your membership sites up and running in 3 easy steps

  • 1
    JOIN as a Smart Member™
    Sign up for your Smart Member account and get access to our amazing membership platform. Take advantage of the BETA level pricing of just $19/mo for LITE features!
  • 2
    CREATE your Membership Sites
    With our LITE plan you will be able to create up to 3 membership sites that you can use to import videos, generate leads, and build a community in any niche!
  • 3
    PROMOTE Your Course & Get Leads!
    Connect your favorite email platform and customize your lead capture pages on our platform so that you can start building a massive email list, then promote like crazy!

See how Smart Member™ compares with the competition... (spoiler alert - we crush it!)

Smart Member
The Rest
Membership Sites in Minutes™
Build Sites in Days
Import YouTube Playlists in Seconds
They Look Puzzled
Plans Starting as Low as $19/mo
Hundreds Per Month
Unlimited Categories & Lessons
Everything is Limited
Build Up to 3 Courses at a Time
Usually Only ONE...
Training From 8-Figure Internet Marketers
Training from Noobs
Coming Soon

Integrate with your favorite services

We are working on even more ways to make your Smart Member™ business as successful as possible. Hit the button below and we will let you know when you can automatically integrate your courses with apps!
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